About Us

Who We Are


K L BRAGG represents life’s little luxuries, hand crafted by some of Italy’s best craftsmen, luxuriously packaged and delivered right to your door.

The K L BRAGG team are here to bring women all over the world shoes that make them feel powerful, confident, sophisticated and ready to chase their dreams whatever they might be.  

Proudly Australian owned, all our shoes are designed in Australia and handmade in Italy from the finest European materials to ensure the highest quality.

Our brand philosophy is quality over quantity, so we have created timeless pieces that don’t follow the fads of fashion and will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

The founder, Katrina Bragg believes in creating an uplifting environment that encourages women to chase their dreams, be confident and to feel valued. Sometimes putting on the right pair of shoes can make all the difference! So we hope you enjoy your pair of K L BRAGG shoes as much we enjoyed making them.